Bumps in the Road – Overcoming the Hurdles in Your Life

How many of you feel like you are making progress in life and then bumps and hurdles show up to slow you down? I know how frustrating that can feel…..I’ve experienced it several times myself. I have one particular client whom I adore, but she seemed to face hurdle after hurdle just when things seemed to be getting better. These hurdles, unfortunately, pushed her off track when she was beginning to make progress. She was expanding her business and also looking to date men who would be a step up from the men she dated in the past. Her business was very successful and she was living a dream that she, at one point, thought was impossible. In her personal life, she was attracting the same men who continued to pop up in her past, and she was unsure why this was. Instead of enjoying her thriving business, she was getting wrapped up in the drama of her dating life. After talking through some things in one session, we pinpointed that she did not feel worthy of certain men. She thought she wanted a certain type of man, one who would be respectful and kind, but she settled for ones who were not a good fit for her. She did not have good role models growing up, therefore, she did not know what a healthy relationship looked or felt like. These bumps in the road, showing up as toxic men, kept presenting themselves to her. I advised her to take a dating sabbatical. She needed some time to focus on her business and nurture herself. Until she felt worthy of men who treated her with kindness and support, she would continue to face hurdle after hurdle. This drama was affecting her work and she was not able to be fully present with her clients or her staff. Sometimes you need to recognize hurdles or bumps in the road for what they are. Why are they presenting themselves to you? Why do you continue to attract the same ones? Take some time this week to reflect on what hurdles you’ve faced in the past and what hurdles are showing up now in your life.


1. Past bumps in the road
I am a firm believer in learning from the past. Review your past and recognize when and where you faced and overcame hurdles. What helped you move past the bumps in the road? How did it feel to move past the adversity? Were there certain hurdles that you still have not moved through?

2. Present hurdles
Take a step back and look at your life in the present time. What bumps are in your life right now? How are you dealing with them? Are you ignoring them or working through them? Realize that by not making a choice, you are making a choice. Your choice is not to do anything. To truly succeed and grow as a person, it is vital to face your fears at times. You need to find strength within to break through hurdles that life throws at you. Brainstorm ways to support your growth in order to move forward.

3. Keep getting back on the horse
We all fall off the horse at times. It’s the people who get back on that feel a sense of empowerment and success. I know how difficult it can be to get back on the horse when you feel down and out. But, I guarantee you that just the act of climbing back on will do more for you than any self-help book or seminar. You will feel stronger, more self-confident, and prepared to tackle anything that comes your way. Next time you fall, take a minute to gather your strength, and then, get back on, no matter how scared or unsure you feel.