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Are you seeking an affordable therapist who is compassionate, sensitive to and concerned about the needs of others, and is easy to talk to? There’s no need to look any further. My passion, goal, and commitment are to help others push through their struggles, to face and rise above challenges, to overcome obstacles, and to achieve healthy self-esteem. I will also offer tools to resolve issues.

My personal experiences have enabled me to cultivate a caring, and non-judgmental approach, and to relate to my clients. They have allowed me to develop a keen insight into the causes and solutions to personal hindrances. Those experiences helped me gain an incisive understanding of myself and my clients, and how I can empower them to create the life they want.

My role as a psychotherapist is that of a catalyst for self-discovery, positive change, personal growth, and healing. I am also a motivational speaker, a health & wellness coach, a certified nutritionist, a life coach, and an author.

My Counseling Experience/Support Groups

My 16+ years of counseling experience includes working with adolescents in a residential treatment center for at-risk youth, home-based counseling and working in a community mental health center. I also provided free grief and PTSD counseling to the survivors at Ground Zero during the 9/11 catastrophe, the Columbine High School massacre, and the Century 16 theater shooting. Although I address other issues in my practice, my specialties are Domestic Violence and Post-Traumatic Stress. 

I also facilitate support groups for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, female veterans and wives of active duty military, as well as a group to build a healthy self-esteem.

My Services

I serve individual adults, couples, and those diagnosed with cancer. I offer telecounseling, as well as home-based counseling for those who are confined to their homes. Other services include life coaching, career coaching, and nutrition counseling. 


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Recent Posts

Think Outside the Box

So, where in your life do you confine yourself inside the box? Are there certain areas of your life that you are remaining comfortable, even though you may desire more? Do you feel there are very specific rules when it comes to making life changes? Those individuals who are truly successful say time and time again that they needed to think outside the box. They knew they needed to try what others weren’t. They needed to be willing to take risks in order to move ahead. I am very comfortable thinking outside the box. When I follow others and try to conform to their belief system or way of doing things, I feel extremely confined and uncreative. Whether you are too comfortable in a bad relationship, or you are unhappily secure in your current job, there are always opportunities to expand and find your own rhythm. Being comfortable is ok if that is what you are striving for. If, however, you are feeling bored, unenthusiastic, or confined with your life, then it may be time to take a step outside of the box you have created for yourself. Do you know people that constantly raise the bar and try new things? Are you a bit envious? Sometimes thinking outside the norm and then acting on these feelings makes you feel alive again. Just remember that you are the only one who can create a box around yourself, just as you are the only one that can step outside the self-imposed box. Your choice!

1. Any boxes?

What boxes do you surround yourself by? Remaining in an unhealthy relationship for fear of being alone?  Are you staying “as is” at work instead of pushing yourself and exploring your strengths? Are you content with your current friends, even if they aren’t the most positive and supportive group? Just take a step back from your life and see what comes to mind. You need to acknowledge this first before you are able to move forward.

2. Deep rooted desires

Maybe deep down you have desired certain things out of your life, but you’ve never given yourself the support or opportunity to explore them. Are you too comfortable in certain areas of your life and are you wanting to push the boundaries a bit? Write down what thoughts you have had in the past, the ones you have either ignored or pushed aside.

3. Time to act

You obviously don’t want to act on all your desires at once. Pick and choose the ones that take top priority, and take small steps first. By taking small risks, you will boost your confidence and begin to see real results. These results will build your momentum so that you can take larger risks. You will realize fairly quickly that stepping outside your self-imposed boxes will lighten you up emotionally, while giving you the boost to make changes that you’ve desired for a while.

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