Are You Feeling Stuck in a Rut With No Way Out?


Being inspired and maintaining a high level of inspiration takes work, but what happens when you suffer an emotional, physical or financial setback?

Over the years, I have often spoken about “feeling stuck in a rut.”  I am referring to the moment in your life when you are down on yourself, beating yourself up for one thing or another, consumed with self-doubt and not sure where you are going or if you even have the energy to get there.

The opposite is what I call “luscious” living. This is the better part of life, when all things run smoothly, when you feel happy and filled with energy, when you feel there is purpose and meaning to your life, when everything is falling into place beautifully. Luscious living is when you catch all the green lights, walk with an extra bounce in your step and you feel like you can do anything.

But how do we return to luscious living when we find ourselves stuck in a rut?  Try these four steps:

Stop what you are doing. The power of the law of attraction is not on your side when you are moving in a negative direction. You create just as easily in the negative as you do in the positive, so stop what you are doing. Change your environment to help change your thinking.

Get support. I know that you, too, are probably a “go-getter” and you can go it alone, but you don’t need or have to. I’m giving everyone permission right now to seek out support. (Call me-.I am here to support you).  I recommend venting for a few minutes when you feel the urge.  Then, start looking for the gifts (or positive) in that experience to help shift your thinking.

Exercise. We all know the health benefits of exercise for our physical bodies, but what we have probably underestimated is the many ways in which it benefits the brain. According to experts, physical exercise releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals), improving memory and increasing mental focus. A fun experiment involves setting a goal or asking yourself a question, then letting go and exercising. Whenever I do this, I always come away with an answer or solution and increased clarity on a situation. Try it…it works!

Let go. This takes practice. Through letting go and releasing yourself from the outcomes, solutions, situation, etc., you begin to free yourself. When I “let go” of things, I use a tangible reminder to make it more concrete. I take a balloon, blow it up, and as I am releasing it, I say to myself out loud, “I am letting go of _______.” This helps in circumstances that I have no control over.

Practice noticing when you’re in “a rut,” and exercise these tactics to help move you back to “luscious living.”