Are you a victim of emotional abuse? There are so many forms of abuse, and emotional abuse is one of them. If you have been subjected to or witnessed abuse as a child, you are more apt to become an adult who will abuse others, until you learn how to break that cycle. More than likely, you will also attract or gravitate toward other abusive people when you become an adult, until you’ve built your self-esteem and have learned how to love yourself. It is then, that you will recognize the characteristics of an abusive person, and won’t allow anyone to abuse you. The healthier you become, the healthier the person will be who you will attract, and therefore, the healthier your relationship will be.

Here are 5 signs of emotional abuse to look out for in a partner:

1.  Does someone degrade you, or put you down in front of others as a result of their own low self-esteem? Do they negate how you feel, or humiliate you?

2.  Is someone controlling your life by belittling you? Are you depending on someone else to make your decisions because you feel you can’t think for yourself, and you go to them?

3. Someone is accusing and blaming you – they never apologize and blame all their problems on others, however, they expect you to apologize for something you didn’t do.

4. Neglect – Is someone giving you the cold shoulder or silent treatment? Or not meeting your needs? They withhold affection or attention from you, and moreover, they don’t do what they say they will do.

5. Enmeshment or codependence – someone makes choices for you or overshares information about their sexual relationship with your father, and as a result, overshares information that is completely violating the boundaries that you’ve set up. And, they do not take into consideration what you want or need.

All of these are signs of emotional abuse, but this does not define who you are!